Helping Leaders
Tame Chaos

We simplify processes to accelerate
your move to the next level.

Do you have the desire to transition to a better reality
for you, your customers, and your employees?


We help your leadership team break through the chaos. 

Getting your team to march together naturally enables empowerment, improves efficiency, and eliminates waste.  It’s easy to become focused on the task in front of you, and let daily chaos divert attention.

  • Setting clear vision
  • Align executives in a positive direction
  • Identify wasteful processes
  • We show good leaders how to ACT!

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”

Do your employees know your organization’s most important goals?


Use your systems as a strategic tool

Inefficient and ineffective business processes throw up unnecessary barriers to improving customer service, growing profits, and expending your leadership.

  • Use ERP/CRM systems should drive performance
  • Revitalize implementations that fell short
  • Simplify and automate processes
  • We show leaders how to use information to make an IMPACT!

“When you remove the unnecessary, good things start to happen.”

Does your business use processes that are wasteful, inefficient, confusing, or political?


We coach executives to improve their impact

Our ongoing mentoring of leaders ensures that vision is kept fresh, skills evolve, and opportunities are driven to completion.

  • Maintain focus and direction
  • Capitalize on Board & Owner support
  • Cascade clear objectives throughout the business
  • We show leaders how to MOTIVATE!

“The pace of change is ever increasing.  The amount of change you see today is the least it will ever be.”

Do you have the same problems today that you did a year ago?


Ian asks the right questions, holds people accountable, and is a calming influence and leader.  I can strongly recommend Ian to be part of any organization that is looking for someone to drive change.

– John Lee,
VP of Sales


Ian has been a great partner over the years, driving projects and long-term programs throughout our organization. He is able to continually deliver solutions that far exceed expectation and has made fundamental improvements to our business.

– Tim McNulty,


Ian is a forward thinker, always asking the right (and sometimes hard) questions, pushing the envelope, willing to try new ideas and best of all as a leader, always listening to what we had to contribute. He made each of us feel valued.

–Brenda Spencer,
Merchandising Executive

Are You Ready to Break Free & Move Forward?